Major corporations and government agencies around the world have come to rely on H-D Systems’ engineering expertise related to automotive technology analysis. Analyses performed for private sector companies are typically confidential and have covered a range of topics from cost estimates for alternative hybrid propulsion designs to the competitive position of alternative transmission technology. In the 2009 and 2010 time frame, we assisted the National Academy of Sciences’ Committee on Fuel Economy by developing comprehensive profiles of technology attributes and their costs to estimate technology paths and vehicle price impacts of new fuel economy standards. The development of these standards was in conjunction with detailed interviews of the technical staff of the six largest global automakers. The report to NAS can be accessed from this website.

H-D Systems expertise covers a wide range of vehicle types and engines for motive power. We have worked with the heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturers and heavy duty truck manufacturers to examine compliance strategies for meeting the proposed heavy truck fuel economy standards. We recently completed an analysis of the competitiveness of small fuel cells as motive power for fork lift trucks under contract to the Oak Ridge national Laboratory. We are also very involved in examining the potential for new direct injection gasoline engine technology for use in North America, and have been working with suppliers from Europe on understanding the future potential of this technology to improve gasoline engine performance. 

We offer tailored technology services for clients interested in only specific technologies and a global view of manufacturers and suppliers involved in the technologies of interest. As an example, we recently conducted analyses of cetane requirements for new diesel engines with lower compression ratios with specific detail in new high temperature glow plugs and combustion pressure sensing technology. H-D Systems works with research laboratories to provide both analytical and testing services to clients who are interested in specific hardware.

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Technologies to Improve Light-Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy