H-D Systems is a consulting firm providing engineering and policy management expertise to the global automotive industry. Although the firm is new, it’s staff and expertise are well established and are a spin-off division of EEA (Energy and Environmental Analysis, now a part of ICF). EEA’s automotive expertise is widely known in industry circles and its clients include most of the world’s largest auto-manufacturers. EEA reports have had a major influence on global automotive fuel economy regulations and its work has been the source of much of the technology cost and benefits data in the public domain. 

H-D Systems builds on the legacy of the EEA automotive group, and the new company continues to maintain a business relationship with ICF to permit sharing of staff and expertise in areas where there is no conflict of interest.

H-D Systems is headed by K.G. Duleep, a business management and engineering professional with more than 30 years of expertise in automotive engineering, economic policy, and environmental analysis. H-D Systems focuses on four core areas which are closely inter-related:

• Automotive Technology and Strategy
• Emissions Issues
• Fuel Economy
• Alternative Fuels for Transportation

Mr. Duleep participated at the Michelin Bibendum in Berlin from May 18 to May 21. He was part of a closed workshop on Natural Gas as a Transport Fuel on May 18 and 19. On May 20 and 21, he presented papers at the IEA and FIA sponsored sessions on International Comparisons of Fuel Economy and on Heavy-Duty Truck Fuel Economy respectively.


Heavy Duty Truck Fuel Economy: Technology and Testing

Natural Gas Workshop