K.G. Duleep, President

Mr. Duleep has been involved with automotive fuel economy issues for more than twenty-five years and is well known in the automotive community for his expertise on technology issues related to fuel economy, emissions and alternative fuels. 

His work on light-duty vehicles has been cited extensively around the world. Mr. Duleep has been retained by the International Energy Agency and the European Council of Ministers for Transport to develop strategies for improving the fuel economy of on-road vehicles in the EC.  

Mr. Duleep has testified on transportation technology issues for the U.S. Congress during debates on the Clean Air Act and CAFE (fuel economy) standards, and was the expert witness for the State of California in their successful defense of the technical feasibility of attaining the 2016 automotive GHG standards.  

More recently, he directed a contract to develop an advanced new model of light vehicle markets that integrates supply, demand and alternative fuel vehicles into a single structure.

Mr. Duleep has several advanced degrees in Engineering from the University of Michigan and also has an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School.